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How to check the speed of WiFi. If your modem breaks down and you decide to buy a new router, it is efficient and above all wireless. Good decision. But if you’re here right now, you want to test the speed of your new business, but you don’t know how to do it.

In today’s app you can learn how to test your Wi-Fi speed. In the following lines I will show you useful online services and applications for mobile devices, which you can contact to check the speed of your wireless line, as well as a number of useful measures that will help you in case of problems. You improve the reception, so your speed WiFi network as well as the use of the line itself.


Before you start testing how to speed WiFi, make sure you are in good control of the situation while using the precautions below.
Close all programs running on the computer, except the browser that checks the connection.
Make sure that no “heavy” bits or loads are connected to your network / PC, phone, tablet, video game console, Smart TV, etc.).

Then, keep in mind that the WiFi speed test instructions found in the lines below can be “distorted” due to various problems associated with poor signal reception as a result of the connection.
This is not said to be the case, but given this possibility, if you need to achieve a 101% reliable result, it is recommended to connect the computer to the modem / router and check the connection. Ethernet cables
Now let’s move on to the real action and how to test the speed of your wireless connection thanks to some speed tests Free online mode.
For starters I would like to suggest you conta

ct Ookla as soon as possible. This is one of the most popular instruments in this category. It is used around the world and is also used in a personalized way by many website providers. the internet.
Ookla Speedtest is available in two different versions: “Classic”, Flash Player, which requires the aforementioned support, and HTML5, another technology based on beta testing, and it works more fully in browsers without Flash support. Below you will learn how to use the option repeatedly

Classic version of Ookla speed test – Go to the main page of the service, click the button Settings in the upper right corner and expand the drop-down menu Measurement of speed Select the unit of measurement to measure the efficiency of your connection: kilobits, kilobytes, megabytes. Then click the Save button, go back to the page where the speed test started, and click the Start Test button.

Speedtest Ookla HTML5 version – Connect to the service home page and click Ir. If you want to change the unit of measurement of the test result, click the item Settings in the upper right and select one of the two options next to the point Speed: Mbit o kbit.
In both cases, a brief connection test is performed, at the end of which you are given a short screen to download and upload the value of your line.

In addition to being a web browser, Ookla Spreadsheet can be run through a compatible app for mobile phones and tablets (for iOS and Windows Phone for Android) and for PCs (for Windows and macOS).
Another good tool to check your WiFi speed is the NetMeter you can trust. This online tool allows you to know the true speed of your connection, the ping value and the level of stability of the network during download and upload. If you notice this, you will not regret it.

To start using it, click the button Start test – speed test Wait for the previous values ​​to be evaluated. At the end of the work will be shown a brief sheet with detailed information about the connection loading and loading efficiency and many other technical information.
If you want, you can share the test results with the button Share Facebook or the codes below.
You can also test the WiFi speed through the browser you use to browse the network. About SpeedOfMe. It has a slightly basic interface, but it is very reliable and based o

n HTML5 technology, it works without requiring any external plug-ins in any browser or device.
How it works Simple: first connect to the main page of the service and click on the button Start test … located on the left. Then wait for your Internet connection test to begin and end (it should take a few minutes), then download, upload, and ping-related results will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Using the devices to check the WiFi speed shown on the previous lines, did you get a lower-than-expected result or a much better result than required by the ADSL or fiber contract? Then try the following, you can solve it instantly!
Change the location of t

he modem / router – At first glance, it may seem trivial, but trust me, if there are problems, even trying to reposition the modem / router will help you get the most out of your wireless speed. Thus, to reduce the maximum distance when connecting from remote corners, connect the modem / router
Try it somewhere else in your home. The ideal would be to be in the center of your home.

Change WiFi Channel Modem / Router – Most modern modems / routers can select the best one and change the WiFi channel automatically, but in some cases you may encounter annoying problems that do not allow you to fully enjoy your network. Therefore, it may be convenient to change the WiFi signal channel.

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